Tuesday, October 27, 2009


One of my short films (featuring the infamous Ladie Poise) has been accepted into the Moving Image Program of The Big West Festival. Screening at various locations between November 20-29.

I'm a little bit annoyed about being left off the official printed program, but I'm actually not that surprised as it would appear that i'm constantly being left off and ripped off in my adventures. I was going to upload the film after the screening, but in light of this little mishap, I've decided to upload it sooner rather than later.

As you can see, Ladie Poise truly is an amazing artist. You can contact her for commissions, workshops and murals directly via her email HERE.


I admit I've been a little slack updating this blog (and to be honest, no-one's really following, so whatevs,) but here are a few recent things which have occurred in my illustrious career as a multi-media artist..

I was commissioned by Dermott Tutty to create projections for the world premiere of "Lost To The Music" a Libretto by John Marsden. The project involved sourcing and manipulating WW2 footage, filming, editing and animating text and images to be screened throughout the performance. I had the pleasure of popping the cherry on the Christie 20K projector at the new Melbourne Recital Centre. Awesome power!

I was asked to exhibit as part of a group show at the Per Square Metre Gallery. The theme was skins and sharpies and I chose to rear-project onto a window space using letters to mask footage and images of my own aerosol artworks. I really enjoy projecting onto windows as it's super effective and really interesting to those not experienced with the medium (aka makes me look clever!)

In July I was accepted into the Gertrude Association projection festival. The theme was dreams and my short film featuring 2 female graffiti artists was rear-projected onto a window space at Hudsons' Famous. This was a great opportunity and the festival as a whole was very interesting, especially the VJ Battle. If you get a chance to check it out next year, do so as the entire street is transformed into a moving image playground.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


My good friend ZBD asked me to help her out with a uni project. Basically we had to invent ourselves into a band and write a track so other students could then record, mix and arrange it. Another bunch of students then had to take the finished track and make a music video to accompany it. Well... being the video nazi that I am, I just wasn't satisfied with the film students' final product, so we took their footage, re-shot a scene and re-edited our own version for your viewing pleasure... Enjoy!