Tuesday, July 19, 2011


apologies to anyone who ever follows this ridiculous blog, (statistics suggest there are indeed a few of you.. weirdos,) but i really have been lazy only in the updating department. i swear i've been doing stuff. here's the proof:

SEARious Jones commissioned me to take care of the technology, whilst her ever so patient dad hooked up the wooden box. this project was super fun and i'm certain everyone who got the chance to use it will agree.
here you see my 'workhorse' squished into the box. i'd tell you the name of the program i'm using but only if you ask super nicely.

looks pretty on the outside..

photos don't look too bad either! complete with sneaky side marketing panel on the strip. we be hustling.

and we got to tag the inside, which makes for an excellent time lapse animation.. keep an eye out for that gif!

i pinched off a few fotos in between setting up so i could make a gif outta her. i don't think anyone understands how much i love retarded animated gif's.. seariously.

i was invited to submit into a group exhibition co-ordinated by Caroline Ierodiaconou at the Platform Exhibition Space (Degraves Street subway.) I don't really make actual art, I'm more of an audio visual kinda girl, but I did manage to pull this multi-media collage outta my arse..

more flicks over HERE

The Stopem and Marine exhibition at One Five Faction featured a crazy little projection. i took an image of the inside of a hitachi train and projected it onto a wall

added an original chair and handrails, then i filmed them tagging the wall, created a new projection from it and reprojected it back onto the same wall. pretty pleased with how it turned out if i must say so myself.

made this mini promo too.. very basic but you get the idea.

more photos from the opening night HERE

--> SDM vs NGV <--
SDM crew commissioned this video piece for their National Gallery of Victoria stint. such an awesome crew of peeps. footage by Red, Beris, Gabe, Ra, and myself, edit by myself.

be sure to check out the SDM website. so many ill flix in there..

was invited to submit to another Get Trucked group exhibition. Basically an awesome way to raise funds for Camp Quality. I opened up the vintage corduroy section of my enormous vintage fabric collection and decided on a green paisley print

then i pulled the hat apart..

then i put it back together again!

can you believe someone actually bought it?! ugh. peep the other hats HERE

happy now? until next time..