Thursday, December 16, 2010


omigosh! it's been over a month since the last 'update'. geez.. i can now proudly say that i have finished the 'greentree acting school' project AND i have a couple of cute music videos in the pipeline PLUS a little mini doco on a very talented lady.

but first, the greentree experience..
this was one of those projects you do for the love. it was the biggest project i have ever undertaken and it is probably something i will never ever attempt again. it screened at the ACMI cinemas last Tuesday 14th Dec and from what I hear, the 450 people in attendance loved it. Thanks goodness.

:: so you think you can act ::

:: lighting / blocking plan ::

:: margaret and david spoof ::

:: messy work desk ::

:: amazing background plates by JON HARRISON ::

:: amazing background plates by JON HARRISON ::

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