Sunday, September 5, 2010


".. turn the suck down! you've got the suck knob all the way up.." -- fubar
seriously. i'm way ready for some spring time blossum followed immediately by some summer time fun.

but now for that all important update you've been waiting for!

the animation project i've been working on with the kids from Footscray Primary School has been a total hoot. The only downfall was when the principal told me AFTER the 4 week program that any movie with guns and violence would not be allowed to screen at the whole school assembly. UGH! I think there's only 3 films that do not contain violence. take a look for yourself. remember these kids are aged between 10-12 and most had never used iMovie let alone an overhead projector!

the Greentree Acting School short films production has finally finished the 'shooting' phase. i snapped off a couple in between breaks. the kids were really fun to work with and their excitement at being in front of a camera was super refreshing. now all i have to do is capture 12 hours of footage and edit it down to 1.5 hours. piece of cake. (argh!!)

"so you think you can act" parody

1 of 22 greenscreen shoots

so.. where does that light go again?

a good friend of mine, Bindi Cole, is gallivanting around the country making, exhibiting and talking about art. here's a few phone photos she sent me of some work being screened in Sydney at the Australian Centre for Photography..