Wednesday, August 18, 2010


whoa there! it's been a minute since i last posted, (luckily no-one's watching..)

i've got a bunch of stuff on the boil:

--> i'm teaching a 4 week video production / animation mini-course at Footscray Primary School. between 15-20 kids (aged between 8-10) rock up each week and we have lots of fun with cellophane, cut outs, an overhead projector, cameras and iMovie. they've been really inspiring in what they make and how they construct their stories. i'll upload the final movies when they're completed.

--> making 24 short films for the Green Tree Acting School. One shoot down and six to go! 22 of the 24 films are green screen which is always super fun. I'll be sure to post the official invite as they'll bee screening early December at ACMI.

--> new warehouse space "ONE FIVE FACTION" featuring a bunch of artist studios and gallery. exciting much? i'm so committed to being broke for at least the next 12 months if not longer. i'll be sure to keep you in loop on all things of the faction nature.

--> back at uni. yep. mature aged perpetual student all up in your prahran campus face! (young ladies, please please please stop wearing leggings instead of pants and maybe try brushing your hair before you leave the house. thanks.) i really love learning new programs and techniques. multimedia is defo what i'm spose to be dewin.

ok ok, i won't bore you any more.