Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm involved in a new project. Something to do with - Feature film + DOP. exciting? yes. This project also has something to do with Lee Galea.

Lee is screening his feature film "Less Adolescent" on Sunday 27th June 8pm at ACMI.

Click HERE to purchase tickets! unclassified 15+

"When 18 year old Emmanuel’s mother dies, he feels like his entire world has fallen apart. But when his estranged father Vic accidentally reveals a shameful family secret, Emmanuel is soon thrust into a family he never knew that he had. But how can Emmanuel become what they need him to be when he has no idea who he really is?"

you can watch the trailer HERE. apologies, but it would appear that it cannot be embedded :(

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Last weekend i said good bye to some projects I've been helping a friend with. Bindi Cole and I have worked together on many projects over the years. She's helped me out with a few music videos and I've filmed and/or edited most of her screen based projects.

Whitewash is currently been screened at the NGV on the water door accompanied by a soundscape as created and directed by Bindi Cole.

The projection will run every night for a week from 6pm to 1am starting Thursday 27th May 2010. Stay tuned for details on a Friday night celebration with the NGV!!

Whitewash is a new projection & soundscape work by Bindi Cole that will be projected on the water wall at the NGV International at nighttime during Reconciliation week 2010. Whitewash explores Aboriginal stereoypes and their impact, the effect of government legislation such as the White Australia policy and the impact of colonisation on Aboriginal communities. Whitewash features Aboriginal performer, Ben Graetz and children from both the Geelong High Scool and Kunrunjang College.

Here's a foto of AE struggling to export a heavily masked, 18min long, full quality HD movie file. Notice how i tipped over the screen to mess with ya?! That's what's happening to the projector at NGV. Sideways yo!

Here's a photo I recently stole from someone's facebook page, showing you what the actual projection looks like..

ab blaster 40,000 was an infomercial, also by Bindi Cole, that screened last saturday at the MCG as part of The Sports Club Project, Next Wave Festival 2010.

Here's a behind the scenes look at my ghettofabulous green screen

And a shot of my empty wine glass alongside the keying magic that is the ab blaster infomercial.

I believe tonight is the last night you can view Whitewash, so get down there before midnight. I'll probably still be at home trying to finish off an animation for uni.. paper rolls into pirate ships (screening on a blog near you in the very near future)