Monday, April 26, 2010


phew. made it. recovered and rested.

had a massive weekend in Adelaide as part of the Ladie Killerz festival. Put in a projection as part of the exhibition on Friday night, curated the film festival on the Saturday night, then rocked a funky piece on Sunday!

here's a flick of each. (if you want more click HERE)

cold krush exhibition -- joske projection

mini film festival at mercury cinema -- testing before the audience arrives

projector bombing -- carclew arts

graffiti production -- hayta in effect

Thursday, April 8, 2010


from what was once a giggly little pipe dream into a full blown (holy shit! better pull my finger out!) reality.. i present to you


a 3 day festival of sorts, (mostly the sort of thing that involves paint and alcohol,) is about to hit adelaide. there's a bunch of stuff going on, including; a graffiti/streetart/lowbrow/tattoo exhibition at cold krush, a mini film festival at the mercury cinema programed by PJ and yours truely, and a huge graffiti production featuring 20+ female graffiti artists from around australia!!

for more info go to the official website.