Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As my website is down for the count, I've decided to re-post some of my earlier music videos..

this one is "Don't Worry Bout Nuthin" by MUPH & PLUTONIC The track features vocals by JESS HARLEN

This was a real rush job. Concept and pre-production in a week, shot in a day, edited in a day, then off to JTV and RAGE. Crazy. If we had more time to shoot, I definitely would've included a lot more shots, but a few costumes issues early on led to a bunch of stuff being culled. I wish Muph had worn a suit as requested as he kinda gets lost in the black curtains, but what can you do?

Big ups to Billy Ho from OBESE RECORDS for harem wrangling! Cameo on the keys by the one and only DANIELSON. Also thanks to; BRAD HURLE from bloodshed, ELLIE LAWS for hair/makeup and RAPH BOOGIE bouncing!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


here's one hot off the press!
Mata & Must "who the fuck"
from the Paradox of Minds album

i would personally like to thank everyone who helped out with this clip, especially; Deb, Sam, Zeb, Svea and Bindi. Youse rule.